Though Chee’s expansion was rapid, there was no compromise made to our photo style and service quality with the growing number of customers all these years. With our finest and subtle photography team all round the world, it is, and still will be in the future, in our wedding photos being candid, unobtrusive and journalistic, with passion and creativity, alongside with traditional style. This is Chee’s fa ith that the sustainable growth is based on its firmly adhering quality instead of its size!



非常感謝Chee‘s wedding峇里島攝影團隊以及香港的Maggie和Peggy 專業嘅意見和服務,為我們在峇里島影到好靚的照片和留下美好的回憶。從見到FB廣告、上去佢哋office了解,然後到峇里島影相,相隔只有短短一個月時間,但Maggie和Peggy井然有序咁推薦拍攝路線比我哋同埋好細心幫我哋揀選禮服,仲分享左好多在峇里島拍照的經驗同Tips。拍攝當日,當地團隊準時到達我們入住的酒店,幫手化妝熨禮服,傾計得知原來隊crew 同Chee‘s wedding合作左十多年。拍攝過程中,氣氛自然輕鬆,攝影師佢哋還會親自示範一些好浪漫的動作給我哋參考。雖然傍晚突然落大雨而提早「收工」,但...

Jessie & Joe
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