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The birth of Chee’s Wedding was initiated by the diversified wedding photo requirements and the growing demand for OVERSEAS wedding/photography services in Hong Kong in recent years. Chee’s firstly established our photography and back up team in Hong Kong dated back early 2007. Not long after the same year, Chee’s recruited a team in Bali, Indonesia, as the pioneer work for our overseas wedding photography/ceremony development.

Our network of services expanded so quickly that next year in 2008, we stretched out our reach into Japan from Hokkaido down south to Karuizawa in providing both wedding photo shoot and ceremony services. Our strides kept going the following years and up until today, our geographic coverage is as far as most countries in Europe, Japan, and places like Bali, Thailand, Sydney, Macau etc. Some countries like Bhutan (known as the happiest country in the world) also have our footprints on and some amazing wedding photos are so created there.

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Though Chee’s expansion was rapid, there was no compromise made to our photo style and service quality with the growing number of customers all these years. With our finest and subtle photography team all round the world, it is, and still will be in the future, in our wedding photos being candid, unobtrusive and journalistic, with passion and creativity, alongside with traditional style. This is Chee’s faith that the sustainable growth is based on its firmly adhering quality instead of its size!


The growing customers and enquiries from mainland China these days has made us believing that it would be another drive of Chee’s growth in future. After the survey work and plan for 12 months, in the 4th quarter of 2013, we officially launched 2 sales offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou in the expectation of better and more convenient services provided in main cities of China. And in mid of 2016, Chee’s even set up her representative office in Beijing, it is a new try to Chee’s and the expansion plan into other main cities of China is expectable in near future!

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