We fell in love with Bali on our first journey there and Chee’s Wedding reignited our love for the place. We are so glad to have come across their beautiful pictures at Wedding Expo and we got a superb package that is great value since we have every single photos of our photoshoot, nothing beats that! Peggy & Francis are sincere, fun loving and super professional. We enjoyed our journey with their professional crew & we are sure they will put a smile on your face! Say Chee’s! ^_^ & ^____^


When we saw the sample photos in Chees Wedding, we were sure that it was what we were looking for!From gowns, to shooting location, to route arrangement, your team has given professional advice. We enjoyed a lot, no matter the planning, the shooting day and photos selection. On the shooting day, the photographers and the make-up artists settled every thing and we just simply relax, smile and laugh. On the day we got the photo CD, we had nothing to say but just “Wow! Wow! Wow!”. The photos are fabulous! The natural and relax style is exactly what we are looking for! We are very happy and confident to show our photos to family and friends.We highly recommend Chees Wedding to couples who look for professional shooting and friendly working team. Not only Peggy & Francis, but also Esther and the whole Bali team made our shooting day smooth and have our finished photos done beautifully.Please feel free to share our photos as reference. And do let me know if you need volunteer to help in your booth or you need reference in any advertising or promotion. We are more than happy to share our fantastic experience in Bali.


Service好好, 不會像一般婚紗店, 有黑面的情形, 員工時常保持着笑容, 熱情款待.於日本拍攝其間, 拍攝人員很用心, 細心指導我們姿態, 也照顧我們, 令我們覺得很安心.


當天攝影團隊非常專業, 會盡量配合我們.當天拍攝的過程十分愉快! 是一個很好的回憶.Chee’s Wedding 在出發前給我們很多資訊, 使我們安排得更妥當順利.


Thank you for giving us a memorable and wonderful time in Bali. The arrangement was fantastic and everyone had been very helpful all the way through. The dresses were beautiful and the crew in Bali was really professional. We would strongly recommend people to join Chees for their pre-wedding photo shooting. Once again, thank you so much!]


A big thank you to the friendly and professional team at Chee’s Wedding! Upon deciding to have a overseas wedding, the destination I had in mind was Bali. I started doing my research and arrange meetings with a few wedding planners. To my surprise, the packages are ridiculously priced, with alot of hidden costs and answers I get from the staffs were mostly robotic and “practiced standard scripts”. Luckily, without having to look any further, I came across Chee’s doing a search on the internet. Without too much of expectations, I called one day after work inquiring about their wedding ceremony and photoshooting packages. To my surprise, the way Chee’s works is very different from the other companies I’ve spoken to. Peggy was extremely friendly and helpful and answered all the queries that I had. While I always thought I want a wedding with beach and the sun at Bali, Chee’s has got something that is not offered elsewhere – The Leaf Chapel in Risonare is simply too stunning for words. During our first meeting at her office, we were already sold. The listed price includes basically everything, with no hidden costs and there were no old tricks like “you have to pay your deposit now, or else we can’t guarantee the date”. I had my cheque book with me for the deposit and Peggy actually asked me to think twice as she didn’t want to force me into decisions.During the preparation process, the team was patient and catered with all my requests. The dress and tux included was so nice and well made I regret ordering my other dress from the US. There were absolutely no “add-ons” or “options” needed as everything is provided and perfect – the team also gave us extra services like booking for travel package, alteration of the dress I bought myself and booking the venue for dinner in Japan on our wedding night.We were also well taken care of after we arrived in Japan. Things that a bride worries most: makeup and hair-do was done perfectly! Our guests were well taken care of and we had the most memorable day of our lives.I couldn’t have raved more about Chee’s Wedding – anyone who has ever dreamt about a perfect wedding needs to look nowhere else!


It was one amazing journey!!!Our journey began with our discovery of Chee’s Wedding in Wedding Expo. Both Karin and I were attracted by all the Bali pre-wedding photos shown at the booth. Clear sky, crystal water mixed with peaceful landscape and cultural architectures. Natural and beautiful – we all love them so.“Can we be them in those gorgeous photos???” We asked ourselves. And…here we go ;)1. Full collections of wedding gowns displayed in Hong Kong for our selection – Everything is all set before we go2. In-person meetings with detailed preparations – Listens to our needs and responses with expertise advices to help us plan our journey and make it wonderful:a. Places for photo takingb. Things to notec. And more……places to go, eat and let us feel joyful~3. Post photo-taking services – 100% guarantee on my satisfaction and they are always cheerful!!!With their professional team in Bali (photographers and make-up artist – everyone is local who brings you a different side of Bali which you may never know), all Karin and I had to do is to relax and enjoy taking our photos ;)Natural, natural, natural – that’s one of the key things I treasure the most on Chee’s Wedding Bali Pre-Wedding Photos =)Thanks Sonny (the photographer)! Thanks Yani (the make-up artist)!!And most importantly…Thanks Peggy (the prettiest boss of Chee’s Wedding)!!!Hope all who are interested in taking pictures in Bali will have a wonderful experience as we do. Have a happy wedding with “Chee’s” smiling!!! =P


It is hard for us to express the magnitude of gratefulness we have for Chees. Thank you so much for the love and care all along! The disaster in Japan has almost put us in despair as we originally chosen Risonare as our wedding location. Time was limited as we have only a month left, thanks Peggy and Barbara for speeding up the UK project, working day and night, just to make sure we could carry on with our wedding in a place we love on schedule! The process of working with u all on our wedding itself was a great memory to us, you guys are always optimistic, cheerful and helpful, which has eventually swiped away our worries and nervousness! Ripley Castle is beautiful, we are glad that we have chosen to have our wedding ceremony held in this lovely place! And thank you Sana for ur great effort of trying to capture all precious moments for us! We still couldn’t believe we could make it smooth and nice at the end in such a rush! Credits go to u all!


Both of us are very particular in our pre-wedding photos. At the first appointment with Chees, we “clicked” right away without a doubt.The style of photos by Chees is happy and fun. It’s unique from those we saw from the chain or Taiwanese photography stores. We are different!Transparent pricing allows us to achieve everything within our budget and without a surprise at the end.The entire planning process from Day 1 is well taken care of by Chees staff. There’s nothing for us to worry about.Super friendly people at Chees Hong Kong and Bali. Professional follow up and candid attitude build our trust with their works


Having had a bad experience with a local wedding planning company, we were lucky enough to have found Chee’s wedding and still be on schedule for our overseas wedding in Bali.Not only were the staff helpful, they also tried to reverse our misfortune into providing an unforgettable wedding for us under such short notice. Their friendly attitude is commendable!The follow up and continued friendliness after the wedding also left us feeling that we had gained a few more friends after our memorable wedding.I wish them all the best and hope they can continue to expand in helping couples achieving their dream weddings as they did for us!Thanks for all that you have done for us and making special efforts for us!