Customer's Care

Wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life!
So does Chee’s that we value much about the quality in our wedding photos and ceremony services.

Most of the service providers take it as just a “job” and most of the time “copy and paste” of what do as of others.
To Chee’s, each photo shot session or wedding ceremony to the bride & groom-to-be is so different and unique that each expects of what he/she has ever dreamt of. It is far from simply a photographer/makeup artist arrangement, or just a venue booking, and put that “formula” in for everyone. Listening and understanding are the prerequisite before our professional team provides achievable proposal that would fit in customer’s needs subjected to personal preference, budget or some other elements/requirements might come across the photo shot session or wedding ceremony.
To ease one’s mind everything will be set up before customer’s departure, but our coordinators at where the photo shot session or wedding ceremony held will go everything through with customer again before session begins to make sure everything is nicely and accurately arranged accordingly. Our services are beyond what seemed to be, we cater what the guests require during the trip as well. This is also one of the key elements that our customers may need in a wonderful wedding trip abroad!


All round the year our customers are scattered around in different corners of the world, our local coordinators are there to support any time whatever comes across their mind. We also provide 24-hour emergency hotline to give necessary support when needed. Just one goal of them all – to bring the best we can a smooth and wonderful wedding journey to you!

Chee's Wedding

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