2016 2016.jpg
  China Official Representative Office was set up in Beijing.
2015 2015.jpg
  We launched the photo shooting route in Yokohama and Hokkaido Otaru.
2014 2014.jpg
  The pre wedding photo shoot in Venice and Sydney are established.
2013 2013.jpg
  The first license office in Guangzhou China was opened, and Shanghai shop was followed by next few months.
2012 2012.jpg
  Stone Chapel and Kogen Church of Hoshino Resort Group were also signed in providing wedding ceremony and photo shot services. Pre-wedding photo service in France and others countries in Europe was further developed.
2011 2011.jpg
  More wedding and photo shot destinations around the world were explored like Prague & Thailand.
2010 2010.jpg
  We recruited our own wedding team in UK, not only pre-wedding job was served, but wedding services touched in The London Eye, Ripley Castle & Castle Howard.
2009 2009.jpg
  We successfully opened the wedding and pre-wedding services in Bhutan, and became the pioneer in the market for the Bhutan service.
2008 2008.jpg
  Bali wedding ceremony package was then in service in 2008. Same year Chee’s signed with Hoshino Resort Group exclusive distribution right of wedding & photo shot service for it’s Zona Leaf Chapel and Chapel on the Water in Yamanashi and Hokkaido respectively.
2007 2007.jpg
  Headquarter was firstly established in Hong Kong especially providing Bali pre-wedding photo shoot service.