Thailand Wedding


Thai massage
Thai massage is one of the ancient therapy in mental and physical in Thailand.  Thailand is the whole of Southeast Asia SPA and massage the most developed countries, where the service meticulous, physical therapy products are pure and pure, the price is very approachable.
Buddhist Capital
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is the world's largest Buddhist temple and known as the "Buddhist capital." Thailand's Buddhist temple architectural style back, each dynasty of the Buddhist temple has its own distinctive features, the temple of the city and Chiang Mai temples are not the same, bride & groom-to-be can go to the temple and pray for a happy wedding life.
Royal Paragon
The king of Thailand in the hearts of Thai people is in the supreme position, the royal family portrait are glued along the streets on both sides of, king’s portrait always decorated on cars and so on are Thai people how to express their respect to the king.  Wedding couple can visit these royal attractions, a good experience of the Thai royal grace and honor.
Thai Elephant
Historically, elephants in Thailand are considered to be very important culturally. There are many elephant’s references to art works, literature and national emblems. Since Thailand is a Buddhist country, elephants are portrayed as sacred animals from their special symbolism in the practice of Buddhism.  Riding an elephant experience to get close to the elephant, is one of the pre-wedding photo trip in Thailand.

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Blessing Ceremony Arrangement

  • Coordination and contact
  • Rundown setup
  • Free use of selected wedding gown & tuxedo (1 set )
  • Free use of Bouquet & boutonniere (1 set)
  • Make-up & hair-do service
  • Signing pen & ring pad
  • Petal shower
  • Toasting cocktail (for couple only)
  • Venue charge for wedding ceremony
  • Venue standard decoration
  • Background music in the venue
  • Celebrant fee inclusive
  • Blessing marriage certificate

Photo-shooting Arrangement

  • Full day wedding photography service
  • 2 professional photographers + 1 professional makeup artist
  • Minimum 200 photos guarantee
  • all photos taken giving away 
  • 30 master shots fully enhanced and retouched
  • DVD musical photo slide show of the master shots
  • Transportation included

Other Wedding Locations