Silvia & Tony

Chee’s Wedding 從服務到專業都很令人滿意及放心, 海外婚禮也辦得很圓滿, 工作人員在寒冬拍攝依舊熱情且服務周全。婚照也非常滿意,這次的山梨縣婚禮令人難忘。Chee’s Wedding 是一間值得推薦給新人的好公司!

Mr.Lai & Mrs. Lai

Thanks Chee’s Wedding for the amazing pre-wedding photos, nice shoot and nice make-up. The days we were in Bali for the photos are our most wonderful and unforgettable memories.


We would like to thank Chee’s Wedding for an amazing pre-wedding photo-shoot. Planning a wedding can be very stressful so professionals like Chee’s Wedding really helped us.The make-up artist and photography crew that journeyed with us were very professional. Yanny, our make-up artist knew exactly what I wanted and I loved my hair and makeup. Our photographers, Sonny and Adeet, were very knowledgeable and guided us throughout on how to pose to get the best shot.Despite the damp and cold weather, there was nothing they wouldn’t do to get the best picture for each location we were at. We went to the waterfall and one of the staff climbed all the way down with us and guided us along the slippery path. The other photographer laid on the ground on the opposite damp field for more than half-an-hour under an umbrella with a poncho in order to get the best angle.We weren’t able to visit every location we had hoped due to the weather conditions. The crew were very understanding and shared our disappointment. They very kindly offered to come back the next day to help us take more photographs at the locations we had missed.In the end, our crew captured stunning photographs of us, of the dresses and of the scenery. From looking at the photos, it is impossible to tell it rained or that we only experienced a little sunshine.We also have to say a big thank you to the team in Hong Kong, Peggy, Yuki and Keith. Yuki, for all your advice on hairstyles, jewellery and dresses. Peggy, for all your advice on the wedding, suggestions on where to visit in Bali, the best sites for our photos, what to bring to Bali, how to prepare in advance for our trip. Keith, for the stunning photo editing.We are so pleased to have chosen to take our pre-wedding photos with Chee’s Wedding and would recommend them to all our family, friends and anyone else we come across as they will go out of their way to ensure the best experience! Thanks team!


好多朋友都問我點搵到呢間外海婚紗攝影公司,其實都可以話係緣份….某日我同RAY 正計劃影結婚相,在OK便利店買了本婚紗書作參考,我哋不停睇啲廣告..實在眼花撩亂,亦因為咁,我哋發覺係香港影嘅都係大同小二,就好似COPY某名星咁..我同RAY就唔係好鍾意呢一類..突然有一副好TOUCHING嘅廣告..真嘅 ( 到呢刻我都仲好記得)..一對情侶嘅背形..一雙一雙嘅腳印..印落係沙灘上面 ( 最重要唔係個對情侶,而係雙腳印吸引我 )。 就係咁…我認識左CHEE’S WEDDING 嘅 PEGGY,ESTHER 同埋 FRANCIS… 睇埋佢哋嘅作品,我哋就認定左 “係佢哋啦”,可能大家覺得誇張左,但全部都係真嘅,因為我哋鍾意自然唔做作嘅感覺….所以我哋於2009年嘅4月8號 ,向BALI 出發 作為我哋攝影地方,首先要多謝PEGGY同 ESTHER 嘅細心。 事前幫我哋整好晒當日嘅流程,除此之外,仲安排了當地相熟嘅司機..方便我哋出入。真係等我哋安心又稱心!! 而當日,仲有一班好好嘅工作人員….因為整日過程除左我哋辛苦,其實佢哋都好辛苦…講真30幾度真係好熱…唔講得笑,我自己就真係連眼都掙唔開呀!但係而家諗返,真係好開心! 而影完相之後,我哋都好緊張,唔知影出嚟個效果係點, 直到我哋CHECK OUT 個日,工作人員已經準備好COPY 比我哋睇,HAHA 我哋都好醒,帶埋NOTEBOOK去,唔覺唔覺咁就影左仟幾張相,全部都比返我哋架,唔講大家都唔信,如果係HK影,邊到得先? 而大部份嘅相我哋都好鍾意 ” 由其係我著西裝個輯呀” 真係要用呢句 ” 真我 ” 嚟形容,我諗大家都冇諗到新娘子會揀著西裝唔著晚裝啩, 嘻嘻! 呢輯相真係可以話物超所值,值回票價!! 仲可以藉機放下假,我相信幫襯過CHEE’S WEDDING 影過相嘅朋友都會同我一樣諗法。 另外,我哋亦要多謝一個係幕後勞苦功高嘅 ” ESTHER ” 因有佢嘅幫忙同埋體諒,係揀相同排版方面都比左好多意見我哋,不過我哋見婚期又唔趕,所以咪偷下懶,搞到皇帝唔急太監急囉,SORRY SORRY!總括而言,因為有Peggy 佢哋咁好嘅服務熊度..先可以令我哋再一次嘅幫襯….嘿嘿,我哋今次決定於2010年2月22號係北海道行禮。 我好衷心咁多謝Chee’s Wedding ( PEGGY, ESTHER 佢哋) 嘅安排,令我哋有一個咁難忘嘅回憶,真係好靚,雖然你哋話我比男主角搶晒鏡,但都冇辦法啦,我冇RAY 咁勁識擺POSE呀! (自我檢討中….) 之前我哋擔心會冇雪落,但原來擔心都係多餘嘅,個日好涷,早上有出太陽,入黑 – 我哋去到冰之教堂影相,心諗仲有幾耐先影完? 不過望到個景,真係好靚..仲有一環係要我哋拎住個冰杯飲嘢,真係涷到入心呀! 不過點都係值得嘅,因為實在太靚啦。而當日有 一位叫 SHARON (當地翻譯) 一早就迎接我哋,佢好NICE,仲有攝影師同化妝小姐,佢哋真係幫我哋唔少! 真係辛苦各位啦!最後我要讚揚你哋嘅服務精神….聆聽我哋嘅需要幫我哋安排成個北海道嘅行程…亦要多謝ESTHER係咁短時間內幫我哋完成隻碟同油畫….當日好多人都話靚呀! 多謝各位..


We are very satisfied with the service provided and we enjoy the whole trip very much. I would like to give my special thanks to Peggy who give us fantastic advice and by her helps, we’ve got one of the happiest memories in our life.


We would like to thanks Chee’s Wedding for providing an once-in-a-lifetime experience in the pre-wedding photo shooting in Bali.We feel that the photo shoot experience is more unique and memorable if done overseas.Special thanks to Peggy and Yuki who have provided us lots of good suggestions for our planning of this photo shoot.The make-up artist and photograghers are really help ful and professional.We would definitely recommend our friends and relatives to go for an overseas photo shoot by Chee’s Wedding!


攝影師&化妝師專業友善-影相時能拍到完美的人和景-本港公司的職員有禮,並且提供適當的建議-在整個過程中沒有被【Hard Sell】的壓力


好開心係Chee’s Wedding度影左一輯好靚又滿意既婚紗相呀!首先要多謝Peggy & Francis,你地真係好nice,好好傾,第一次見面既時候已經好似識左好耐咁,好感激你地係出發前比左好多既意見我地,會因應我地想影相既地方選擇左影相既路線,節省左車程既時間,令到影相既時間好充裕。亦教左我地影相既時候需要留意既地方,同埋需要準備既事情。除左影相,你地亦介紹左Bali值得去既地方,令到我地成個trip都覺得好好玩,一d都唔悶,仲覺得d時間唔夠用添呀…亦要多謝Esther,好用心咁為我地d相簿張羅,我地對d相簿真係好滿意….仲要讚吓Bali整隊既攝影師同make up,因為佢地既專業,我地先可以影到咁靚既人同景,佢地成team人凝做輕鬆既氣氛,令我地一d都唔緊張,捕捉到我地最自然既一面,我地好enjoy當日整個影相既過程,到第二日,收到CD過一刻,睇到相,即時“嘩”….左一聲,因為冇諗過D相咁靚靚呀…….所以我地用左成2個月既時間先揀到相呀……


We did a lot of research for our wedding and we came across this Japanese resort called Risonare that we really liked. We can’t imagine how much time we would need to spend if we did the coordination by ourselves. Francis and Peggy have really helped us through this crazy process of wedding planning. The wedding day went beautifully and all our family and friends had a wonderful time in Risonare.We really enjoyed working with Chee’s, they really put us at ease and made all the difference.Thank you for everything you have done to make our wedding special.


一次偶遇嘅機會透過Chee’s係北海道影pre-wedding, 雖然籌備時間十分趕急, 但Chee’s的服務令我地十份滿意, 工作人員態度友善而且非常專業, 由訂購機票到當日拍攝行程亦安排週到, 令我地可以輕輕鬆鬆享受拍攝之旅. 在日本拍攝期間, 所有工作員亦十分用心, 為我地細心安排一切.在此多謝Peggy, Esther及Rebecca的妥善安排及日本工作人員的專業態度, 令我地有一個難忘嘅回憶. Thanks! =]