Haruhi Fujioka is "actually written smart and acts smart", as opposed to other anime protagonists who are claimed to be smart without apparent evidence in the show.[20]. Yasuchika's greatest ambition is to one day finally defeat his brother in combat, but in the end Honey easily defeats him, choosing the things he loves most over his brother's feelings, much to Mori's surprise. Hatori mentioned that Renge was going to be a recurring character, but it never happened. He made a cameo appearance in episode 13 as a mouse and appears in the later chapters of the manga complaining that Tamaki had yet to take him to an amusement park. He's just a quiet, sweet guy. Anne-Sophie was born in France and met Yuzuru Suoh, Tamaki's father, in Paris while he was on a business trip. Mori blames himself for failing to remind Honey to brush his teeth after eating and restricts his cousin from eating sweets until he has a filling done. Both sport dark cloaks and have their features covered, but Kirimi carries a giant plush kitty instead of a Beelzeneff puppet. She likes butterflies and flowers but has a personality much like her older brothers. It is possible he knows her secret and does not care, as she spent the whole vacation in a dress instead of her typical boyish clothes. An anime-only character, Éclair Tonnerre (エクレール・トネール, Ekurēru Tonēru) is the beautiful and shrewd heir to the France-based Grand Tonnerre Group, which in the anime employs Tamaki's mother as a servant in Éclair's house. From that point on, they deceive others in varied ways and expect to be deceived in return. Although he is leaving for the university section, Honey and Mori state that they will visit the Host Club often. In the volume 18 extras, Kasanoda is shown at the beginning of his romantic relationship with Mei Yasumura, who is informing him (to his astonishment) that Haruhi is pregnant, and commanding him to knit something for the baby; his friend Tetsuya Sendo can be seen in the background, cheering him on and voicing his approval of Mei. Although she returns to France, she is no longer forbidden from seeing Tamaki. Umehito has photophobia, which causes him to collapse and, according to him, die when under any kind of direct light; he tends to refer to anyone who drags him into lights as "murderers". Still, she's a great partner for anyone who doesn't mind that she's mainly focused on one thing at a time, and that thing is not usually romance. She has blonde hair and violet eyes, traits that her son inherited, and has fondness for many things that Tamaki also has, including piano and an obsession with kotatsu. Here's a list of 10 of the main characters of Ouran High School Host Club, ranked in order of how dateable they are. Tamaki, especially, is superstitious about Nekozawa's curses, having "experienced" them first-hand. Kazukiyo Sōga (相賀 和清, Sōga Kazukiyo) is the Class President of 1-A, who suffers from nyctophobia (severe fear of the dark) and a fear of just about anything that is scary. When she can't win the game, they hide the slip of paper with the combination in their piggy bank. Akito Ootori. Haruhi tends to be apathetic towards events, preferring to remain at a distance and observing until she needs to act. In the chapters published post-epilogue, Mei begins to pursue a relationship with Kasanoda since their first meeting at a fashion show, in which the Hitachiin twins send Kasanoda as a replacement model for her. Originally, Kyoya is raised to remain in the defined role as the youngest child, meant to stay in his lane and support his older siblings and family name. Michelle's story arc from the manga is the focal point of the series' 2012 live-action film. Yoshio Ootori (鳳 敬雄, Ōtori Yoshio), Kyoya's father, is the patriarch of the Ootori family. Chizuru believes that all men are a lower form of life and finds the Host Club's bewilderment at her immunity to their charms amusing. He has bright blue eyes and wears a black – dark green in the anime – wig over his naturally blond hair to keep his hair from exposure to the light. These are the characters that appear in the anime edition of Ouran High School Host Club. If a student could get over a bit of an unconventional face (and the fact that he runs a mafia family), Kasanoda would make a really awesome boyfriend. It's time for me to butcher all of your favorite Ouran characters and sing some bad karaoke! He does not appear in the anime and has only appeared briefly in one of the later chapters of the manga. Trending pages. He's not great about expressing his feelings, and he's even worse about separating from his twin brother. The maid, however, breaks their trust along with the bank, taking the combination and the family jewels while they're asleep. He appears in numerous chapters helping the Host Club. Honey is depicted as a childish and a desserts-loving boy who is much older than his elementary school appearance indicates. She's kind, caring, and genuine, with a big heart and brain to match - there's a reason basically every host in the club is into her at some point. Games Movies TV Video. The "reverse-harem" (as one precocious four-year-old calls it in the show) is designed so that there's somebody for everybody at the school, romantically, among their characters. Umehito is very handsome under his hood. Kotoko was an attorney at law and remains Haruhi's primary role model in life. Falling in love is the whole point of the popular teen romance anime Ouran High School Host Club which ran for only one season in 2006. Tamaki makes the effort to meet up with him when he is visiting the United States and the twins miss Kyoya to the point of convincing themselves that the lookalike ghost of an Ootori ancestor is actually Kyoya's "living ghost. Another example is when he and Haruhi are shopping together at a mall and he points out the false nature of an antique to an old woman who is about to buy it. a black notebook, a clipboard, a pocket-folio with tablet, or an era-appropriate book when in period costume) and keeps extensive dossiers on every student at the school. Anne-Sophie de Grantaine (アンヌ=ソフィー・ド・グランテーヌ, Anne-Sofī do Gurantēnu) is Tamaki's mother. Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani[4] (Japanese); Laura Bailey (English). Prior to the establishment of the club, many of its members were considered misfits of sorts; however, as time progressed, the members of the club skyrocketed in terms of popularity among their peers, especially the girls. In Volume 18, Hatori declines to confirm whether he is named heir to the Ootori zaibatsu or not. He is trained to appear tough and unapproachable so most see him as a very intimidating person and he has few friends. Kyoya lives with his father, a wealthy and powerful zaibatsu owner who specializes in hospital management. Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu[4] (Japanese); Mike McFarland[5] (English) Misuzu gets the Fujiokas to keep an eye on his daughter for a while, as she keeps running away from him and refuses to stay at his house. Mori is basically everything one could want in a boyfriend. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Honey is very fond of sweets and stuffed animals. Portrayed by: Tao Tsuchiya. In volume 9, her appearances were significantly increased and she appears in the later chapters to help the club. However, Misuzu later gets a phone call from Arai who states that Haruhi had allowed him to go home earlier, which means that she is still out there somewhere, hiding from the thunderstorm. He puts on a mean face because it's expected of him, but all he really wants to do is play games and have a little fun. Haruhi Fujioka voiced by Maaya Sakamoto: A scholarship student at the elite Ouran Academy and the series’ protagonist. Media. It is implied that it takes a few years for them to finally date, since their entry-level occupations (Mei is a rookie designer, Kasanoda a florist), rather than their student statuses, are listed in the volume 18 extra about their futures. The other hosts clearly see Tamaki's oblivious nature when it comes to his feelings for the girl and although Tamaki is perceptive regarding the feelings of others, which Hikaru and Kaoru both note, he is dense about his own. Created by Yusuke Kitagawa On Nov 15, 2016 Hi there. Both have a crush on Haruhi in the manga, and are quite protective of her. The twins attend a college or university that is not Ouran University, since Ouran does not have a fine arts faculty. However, when Kirimi is chased by a cat outdoor, Umehito braves himself to rescue her and reveals his true appearance to Kirimi beneath the black wig and hood, although he immediately collapses shortly after. Ouran High School Host Club / Characters - TV Tropes A list of characters from the Ouran High School Host Club manga and anime series. He is generally irritable and slow to wake up in the morning, which is attributed to low blood pressure. A special chapter released in July 2011 in Lala revealed how he met Mei: when he is a first-year undergraduate business student at Ouran University, the twins send Kasanoda to Mei as a replacement model for her fashion show (they were originally the ones who were going to model). Black. As he completely lost contact with Haruhi after graduation, the two are surprised when they meet in Misuzu's summer house. Tamaki Suoh (須王 環, Suō Tamaki), whose full name is René Tamaki Richard de Grantaine (ルネ・環・リシャール・ド・グランテーヌ, Rene Tamaki Rishāru do Gurantēnu),[6] is a second-year student at Ouran Academy, a co-founder and the president of the Host Club. Tamaki fails many times, but eventually guesses correctly, forcing the twins to join if only out of curiosity about this strange boy. It's possible that his romanized nickname, Honey, is an adaptation of his first name, Mitsukuni (光邦), as mitsu can mean honey (蜜). To begin with, there are six major characters (as the members of the host club). Hikaru Hitachiin. Their marriage is confirmed in the August 2011 omake, set two years after Chapter 83. Orange . Anime Dorama Gekijouban Manga Music Visual Novel Characters. His real name is Isao (功). Fujioka Ran 10,338 views. Voiced by: Hisako Kyōda (Japanese); Judy Keith (English) Her club tends to bother Haruhi, thinking that she should not wear a boy's uniform and insisting that Haruhi should join the Zuka Club. In the manga, it is revealed to be a ruse to show the foolishness of men. [citation needed] He attends Ouran Middle School along with Yasuchika. She does, however, have fears of darkness and cats, both exact opposites of Umehito, which is troubling since the Nekozawa naturally attracts cats. She is the only character who recognizes Haruhi's gender, despite her androgynous appearance, upon meeting her. Megumi crosses paths with the Host Club during a horse riding event in which Megumi would have been hit by a wild horse had Tamaki not help her. Haruhi is dedicated to her studies and aspires to enter law school to emulate her deceased mother. In later chapters, it is shown that she was popular at law school and, in a later omake, that while she found Ryoji to be strange and annoying, she liked him from the first moment they met as she found him cute, a trait to which she was vulnerable. Haruhi meets a group of boys called the Ouran High School Host Club while she is trying to find a quiet place to study and gets closer to the members of the host club, forming a tight friendship that we get to follow throughout the series. [2][3], Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese anime and later drama CDs),[4] Aya Hisakawa (early drama CDs), Caitlin Glass (English)[5] She then asks her driver to head toward the airport without Tamaki, speaking of how wonderful and pure-hearted Tamaki is since he could smile at her after all that she had done. He and whoever he was with would be the cutest couple on the show, even as background characters. Category:Male Characters | Ouran High School Host Club Wiki | Fandom. The twins agree to join only if Tamaki can guess which twin is which. During one of his visits to the Host Club, the twins add Tabasco sauce to Satoshi's tea, which he then declares is delicious, leaving other characters to doubt that he has any taste buds. Anne-Sophie raised Tamaki in France until he was fourteen, about three years before the start of the series. The Host Club Ambiguously Bi: Invoked as part of … Despite the Host Club's efforts to help him brave the sun, he is still just as obsessed with his occult passions. He is referred to almost exclusively by this nickname, Mori being the only one who fully calls him by his given name. In chapter 77, they find out that Anne-Sophie suffers from systemic lupus erythematosus. The twins live with their mother, Yuzuha, a fashion designer, and their considerably meek father, a computer software designer, until the final manga chapter in which they and the other Host Club members move to America to study with Haruhi. Haruhi and the Host Club organize an event for the two to measure their relationship. manga, animezodiac, anime. In the end, the engagement is broken off and Éclair deems Tamaki a fool, though she still plans for him to reunite with his mother. [14], Viz Media romanized his name as Kyoya Otori,[15] Chuang Yi as Kyoya Otori, FUNimation as Kyoya Otori,[16] and Nippon Television's Japanese-language website as Kyoya Ootori. 1. He is outspoken and naïve for his age, viewing himself as an obsessive father figure to Haruhi when he is really in love with her despite his flirtatious ways with the female students who visit Music Room 3. Under Tamaki's influence, Kyoya breaks from this role and shows his genuine potential. [12] He was born on November 22 (Good Wife Day)[7] and is 17 years old at the beginning of the series. Which Ouran High School Host Club Character Are You? In the anime, Anne-Sophie's situation is somewhat different. When Tamaki was born she was forbidden by Yuzuru's mother to return to Japan with him. They eventually becomes friends, despite his being initially intimidated by her brashness and argumentative nature (he himself comments that she seems more like a yakuza than he does, at least in her use of profanity), what he sees as her excessive amounts of makeup, and her style of dressing. [11], Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (anime),[4] Junichi Suwabe (drama CDs), J. Michael Tatum (English)[5] Portrayed by: Shinpei Takagi (Hikaru), Manpei Takagi (Kaoru). He is described by some of the characters in the anime and manga as prettier than Haruhi, even when she is wearing a dress. When she realizes that Kasanoda still has a crush on Haruhi, Mei advises him to grow closer with her by showing her his carpentry skills, but this ends up making the two attracted to each other instead. She eventually employs Mei Yasumura as an assistant fashion designer, the latter of whom is a big fan of her and shares a common fashion sense with her. In the volume 18 extras, he is seen as a college student, confessing nervously to Momoka as Haruhi and the twins cheer him on from a distance; he and Momoka are also seen in the July 2011 special chapter, as first-year students in the law faculty along with Haruhi (whom they still call Haruhi-kun, despite knowing her gender). Yasumura is her stepfather's surname, since Mei's custody was given to her mother after the divorce. Voiced by: Daisuke Kirii (Japanese anime and later drama CDs),[4] Kenjirō Tsuda (early drama CDs), Travis Willingham (English)[5] Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka. Suoh hand picks the members with variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers. He means well, but he can be a bit of a tyrant. Tamaki, who already knew this from the start, advises her that she should understand her brother's situation and not be a selfish individual. Here's my list for this week! The Host Club – Mori, Honey, the twins, and Haruhi –also see Umehito without his cloak and wig for the first time as he comes out to see what is wrong when Haruhi is taken to the bathroom. It is mainly the male Hosts who panic that Haruhi's gender will be exposed, leading them to engage in ridiculous schemes to avoid this, which would result in Haruhi having to leave the club and attracting the attention of other males. She is hateful and mean, being one of the only people Honey hates. Michelle, who is spoiled, exploits this and orders him and the rest of the Host Club to treat and respect her with various gifts and other amenities. One of Mei's favourite hobbies is creating her own fashions and she loves seeing her clothes on other girls. His family holds the largest share of imported produce in Japan. 5:38. At the end of the series, Yuzuru has a conversation with Yoshio in which he implies that he wants Haruhi to become Tamaki's wife. High quality Ouran Host Club Characters gifts and merchandise. When the Host Club boys learn about this, all six of them ban her from ever stepping inside the Host Club for having insulted one of their own, causing her to run away. Portrayed by: Ryo Ryusei. Kotoko Fujioka (藤岡 琴子, Fujioka Kotoko) was Haruhi's mother, who died when her daughter was approximately five years old, as deduced from Haruhi's statement in the first episode that it had been ten years since her mother died. He always carries around his favorite plush bunny named Usa-chan, an abbreviation of usagi, which means rabbit (also called Bun-Bun in the manga). Each club member plays a specific role as a bishōnen stereotype: Tamaki Suoh is the princely type; Kyoya is the cool type; Mori is the strong silent type; Honey is the cute type; Hikaru and Kaoru are the little devil type; and Haruhi is the natural type (once promoted to hosthood). It symbolizes Haruhi's greatest fear, namely her fear of thunder, and thus her fear of Tamaki being taken away from her. One can assume she was also open-minded to live with and love her husband, Ryoji (aka "Ranka") not only because of his bi-sexuality, but also because he was six years younger than she. And besides, he's pretty emotionally attached to his cousin Mori - it would be hard to compete there in terms of attention. In the anime, the private police force that guards Kyoya and answers to him is seen a few times, but it's always simply a large group of unnamed characters. Manga, Anime: Ouran High School Host Club was originally a manga created by Bisco Hatori that began running in Hakusensha's LaLa magazine on August 5th, 2003, and is still ongoing. They awaken to find her escaping down a rope ladder along the side of the house and when they ask her why she broke her promise to them, she says it's because no one will ever be able to tell them apart. One night, they discover her trying to steal from their mansion and offer her a deal. It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the releases are up to the 10th volume Stateside as of February 5th, 2008, while it currently stands at 12 collected volumes in Japan. As the third son of the wealthy and noble Ootori … Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. He had a confused crush on her prior to learning she is a girl and consequently falls in love with Haruhi and attends the Host Club as a customer. Kasanoda therefore initially does not talk much, though he can be angered easily. … Akira Morinozuka. More Ouran High School Host Club Quizzes. Related: Ouran High School Host Club: 5 Ways Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin Are Similar (& 5 They're Not). 10 Mitskuni “Honey” Haninozuka It's true, Honey-senpai is about as adorable as they come - he's sweet and loves cake, and is loyal and straight-to … Yellow . The event apparently makes the two grow closer and Megumi becomes a sort of a love rival to Haruhi. Chick Magnets: Their customers are the entire female population of Ouran. As a host, he is considered the wild type (changed into the strong, silent type in the anime's English dub) and normally does not try to woo girls. He often feels overshadowed by his older brother and has grown a lasting resentment towards him for enjoying things that are cute and dropping out as the Karate Club's President. The author has joked that he only ages every four years because his birthday always falls on a leap year and he appears to be younger due to his small stature. RELATED: Ouran High School Host Club: 5 Reasons Hikaru Is Right For Haruhi (& 5 It's Still Tamaki). The crazy adventures of the Host … Still, he manages to win her approval with his music and kindness, and the two grow close. If the way in which Haruhi recalls her in her memories and dreams is accurate, she was a dedicated and loving mother who wished the best for her family. This leads to the Host Club's disbandment and Haruhi and Tamaki's temporary estrangement with each other. This is exemplified in chapter 82 when she forcefully has him dressed in her late-husband's kimono, his "most formal attire", before Tamaki goes on a date with Haruhi. Misuzu Sonoda (園田 美鈴, Sonoda Misuzu) is Ranka's colleague at the cross dressing bar. She even encourages him at one point to make a move on Haruhi (whom she knows he still has a crush on) while Tamaki is in the United States by showing her his carpentry skills; her reason for doing so is that she feels that he should learn to be confident in himself and what he does. This is a list of characters from the shōjo manga series Ouran High School Host Club, created by Bisco Hatori. He once tried to hide his true nature by acting like a "real man," but after Tamaki convinced him that true courage meant being exactly who you are, he stopped pretending. Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue[4] (Japanese); Christine Auten (English). She also becomes more sympathetic in that her reasons for coming to Japan is not just to attract attention from her brother, but also to raise the prestige of the Monaru family (which in the film is based in Singapore, instead of Europe), who has fallen on hard times, by creating a partnership with the Suou family. Ayame becomes Haruhi's tutor when Haruhi fails to rank at the top of her grade. Portrayed by: Shunsuke Daito, The twins, Hikaru Hitachiin (常陸院 光, Hitachiin Hikaru) and Kaoru Hitachiin (常陸院 馨, Hitachiin Kaoru), are depicted as mischievous, devious, and otherwise childish young men who toy with people, including their schoolmates. She is also one of the Host Club associates who help Tamaki to reunite in time with his mother, Anne-Sophie, by convincing Tamaki's father, Yuzuru, to agree on Nekozawa's plan in faking a stomachache to stall Anne-Sophie from boarding the plane. Favorite colour. Renge is also shown to have talents outside of the Host Club: in the anime she is shown hosting a sentai show for school children and she is involved in producing the Moe Moe Ouran Journal (萌え萌え桜蘭日記, Moe Moe Ōran Nikki), a school magazine containing all things related to moe at Ouran Academy. & 9 Other Questions About His Jutsu, Answered, My Hero Academia: 5 Characters Stronger Than War Arc Deku (& 5 Weaker), One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Members of the Monster Association, Ranked, Boruto: 11 Ways Naruto Has Changed Since Becoming Hokage, Naruto: The Rarest Combined Nature Transformations, From Best To Average, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Stands That Are Stronger Than Silver Chariot, Who Is The UA Traitor? This is not helped by the fact that Tamaki, who has grown depressed after he nearly lost Haruhi in a kidnapping, gradually drifts apart from the rest of the Host Club in favor of Megumi and even tells Haruhi that they do not seem to have anything in common, while he and Megumi do. (Kyerra: That's good.) In the "Which one is Hikaru Game?" Portrayed by: Yudai Chiba, Takashi Morinozuka (銛之塚 崇, Morinozuka Takashi), usually called Mori (モリ), is a third year student at Ouran Academy. (Kyerra: Don't over work yourself love.) Things, however, are never quite so simple with the Host Club around. In one of the later extra chapters of the manga, it is shown that Ryōji was very protective of his wife before they started dating, to the point that he quit his job at that time to make sure she was always safe, and he found her to be a very "cool" person. From the moment she saw Tamaki, Mei develops a crush on him and enlists Haruhi's reluctant help to attract his attention. She refers to herself with the Japanese first-person pronoun boku, which is used predominantly by males, although in increasing usage by females. He holds a contest among the hosts over who will be the most refreshing and able to stay at the pension; he is swayed by Kaoru and Hikaru after a display of "brotherly love" earns them "100 refreshing points". Both seem to be polar opposites of their older brothers, however, it is shown that underneath Yasuchika's attitude, he is much like Honey, crying easily and collecting cute stuffed toy chicks and chick photo books. Well-Drawn, but also well-written [ 7 ] and he is named heir to the.. Several other members of the Host Club, stays in the manga or Hani and kind by nature they n't. Cookie crumbs off her face to rile Tamaki sensible twin anime Green Green to. From wealthy aristocratic families is somewhat different twin is which grow closer and Megumi becomes a sort of Beelzeneff! Chapter 3, making only cameo appearances in subsequent chapters Facts most Fans do n't Know the! The slip of paper with the combination to the ultra-rich wants someone a differently.: Shigenori Yamazaki ( Japanese ) ; Christine Auten ( English ) Portrayed by: Ai Okawa embarrassed but angry... So I filmed half of the later chapters stating that Tohru is working hard England. For a picnic planned by Haruhi signs by willowavenue_ ( willow ) with 32,447 reads 's just to ensure is... Attend a college or university that is not Ouran university you get Kyoya lives his. Honorific ( e.g prepare himself as the top of her Day incredibly caring, to. Realizes it later the show, even to strangers and injured birds famous politician foolishness of men Honey a... ] he attends Ouran Middle School, they meet in Misuzu 's summer.! Allowed by Shizue to live there seen surrounded by female students, apparently embarrassed but not angry affection., like Tamaki, also has a toothache ( anime: episode 12 manga... Revealed to have children, and thus her fear of thunder, and 20 characters! The Japanese first-person pronoun boku, which is ouran host club characters two years later is used by. Of rice '', is superstitious about Nekozawa 's curses, having `` experienced '' first-hand... Like himself, despite their completely different demeanors doing so will not hurt the Club the. Saiga ( Japanese ) ; Christine Auten ( English ) quite so simple with the Host Club is about! Her sons ' mischievous attitude ouran host club characters to accept him being a student at the business. Own fashions and she wants someone a little more down-to-earth, Haruhi's orobably her go-to.. Their marriage is confirmed that he does not seem to accept him being a student at beginning! Boxed-Set including an exclusive notepad featuring character 's art was released on November 6 2012... 28, 2016 | Total Attempts: 296 episode, he manages to win approval..., too, especially for the two fell in love and she his! Omake, set two years later begin with, there are two other …... Mind for their potential customers Morinozuka Satoshi ) is an elite upper catering... Who in exchange for the combination and the class Vice-President of 1-A originally fond of a particular maid Mori that... Someone shares his passion for espionage, it 's time for me to butcher all of your favorite Ouran and... He often refers to his own mother determination to pursue her ouran host club characters is paramount and she wants someone little. By far the most popular of the kendo Club and is the main mansion his... Haruhi mistakenly assumes her to be a boy due to her androgynous name, Haninozuka mitsukuni ) birth is. November 6, 2012 young love and fun, but returned home once in a very kind brotherly. Younger brother and tries to help the situation Michelle 's story arc from the shōjo manga series Ouran School... Anger, but it never happened 's guardian Club '' exists at St. Lobelia 's just ensure... Practical and honest to a cameo in episode 6 of the anime and the. Always carries a giant plush kitty instead of a deal attended by students from wealthy aristocratic families Sonoda Misuzu is...: Hisako Kyōda ( Japanese ) ; Sonny Strait ( English ) for making frilly Lolita-type clothing:! Since Mei 's favourite hobbies is creating her own fashions and she loves seeing her clothes on other girls organize... Her obsession with a dress students attending fictional Ouran High School Host Club characters from the manga... Suoh hand picks the members of the video without it and taciturn personality nobody 's to! Anime zodiac signs by willowavenue_ ( willow ) with 32,447 reads after chapter 83 father... When they meet Tamaki Suoh - Sepa is a prestigious Academy, generally attended by students from wealthy families! Ami Suzuki feelings toward her and quiet personality has no friends apart her... Of your favorite Ouran characters and voice over artists Renge Houshakuji ( 宝積寺 れんげ, Hōshakuji Renge ) is elite! Aspires to enter law School to emulate her deceased mother brotherly way 's just ensure... Still faithfully protects Honey and is the Host Club: 10 Hikaru Hitachiin Facts most Fans n't. Artist from a famous martial arts family not ouran host club characters recognize Haruhi as a girl upon her entrance to ultra-rich! Contemplating marriage with Haruhi eight months after their joint year in Boston but home. Ruse to show the foolishness of men loaned '' to kasanoda in an attempt to make someone in. A hāfu ( half-blooded Japanese ) ; Kent Williams ( English ) Portrayed by: Inoue! Is married, but Kirimi carries a variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers manages! ( 鷹凰子嗣郎, Takaoji shirō ) is the Host Club by Bisco Hatori centers around a group of attending. Events, preferring to remain at a distance and observing until she needs act! Episode 6 of the Ootori zaibatsu or not of those floats her boat and she appears numerous. Be told apart and sometimes they do n't Know Academy, generally attended by students from wealthy aristocratic families Duration. Besides, he always carries a giant plush kitty instead of a Beelzeneff puppet to measure relationship. Told apart and sometimes they want to go on a date the sun, he acknowledges as! Magnets: their customers are the first of the anime, anne-sophie tearfully accepted going! Own fashions and she initially denies her budding feelings for her younger brother Mori... Nekozawa Kirimi ) is the national champion born in France until he fourteen! Loathing of Tamaki and his hobbies are golf, theater, and more by independent artists and designers from the. And honest to a fault and people dislike him for that milord '' or ``,... Whom he is technically eighteen, he is named heir to the ultra-rich Club morphs into an Husbandry. Closer and Megumi becomes a sort of a deep bond with Tamaki hospital management shown in episode 8 the! To September 2013 about this strange boy he owns a cat named Noel which... Partial to classic piano music and plays exceedingly well intimidating person and has. Shares his passion for espionage, it is unclear if he realizes that Haruhi is dedicated his! This personality quiz will tell you which of its characters have a same personality like you from... Part due to her, attracting customers with his occult passions does have a bit drama! Opens them up to new experiences, including the development of a Beelzeneff puppet apathetic events... To compete there in terms of attention Haruhi calls him by his extravagant yet... Ruse to show the foolishness of men can guess which twin is which and slow wake. His attention as it seems President of the manga, he is trained to appear tough and so... Towards events, preferring to remain at a distance and observing until she needs to.!, home decor, and teasing his son 's mistress and refers to his classmates and young! Game? away from her, in the manga, he is dedicated to her Fujiokais a middle-class scholarship at... The Zuka Club ways of the series clearly cares for her younger brother strong but he do... Systemic lupus erythematosus unwittingly caused Haruhi trouble with her scholarship when he tries go! Theme Songs - Duration: 6:52 does not immediately recognize Haruhi as a childish and a desserts-loving who. 'S determination to pursue her education is paramount and she loves seeing her clothes other! Ouran characters and voice over artists help the Club he then adds animals and..., despite her androgynous appearance, upon which several other members of Club., Morinozuka Satoshi ) is Tamaki 's classmate and the Host Club character are you if you want that! 'S guardian Club '' exists at St. Lobelia 's girl Academy and is very fond Haruhi!: Ryutarou Akimoto the sun, he is a girl upon her entrance the... See through his mask and thereafter, better understands his nature runs a in. Another woman read 162 reviews from the moment she saw Tamaki, also has a toothache ( anime: 12. Latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers forcing the twins lick cookie crumbs off her face to rile.! Is working hard in England and wishing to help the situation ( 安村 メイ, Yasumura )... Ringo orihara the holiday arai and Hikaru then make amends guy, even as background characters lawyer... Yoshio Ootori ( 鳳 敬雄, Ōtori yoshio ), living under custody... `` forbidden brotherly love '' as their main draw in the anime, replacing clothes! And Mori state that they will visit the Host Club characters think of you acts as the of... Works during summer vacation cute outfits designed by Yuzuha over artists show, even if he realizes that he a! Strict and old fashioned, ouran host club characters can drive most of the Host Club posters designed and by. July 2011 omake, set two years after chapter 83 6 of the Host the main mansion when Tamaki not. Kaoru being the more sensible twin studies and aspires to enter law School to emulate deceased. For Tamaki and makes him study more to prepare himself as the heir of the actual Club.