(e) All packing and handling is at the Buyer’s risk. Exceptions to this procedure will be notified by auction room notice and announced at the time of the sale. Lots with this symbol indicate that Sotheby’s owns the lot in whole or in part or has an economic interest in the lot equivalent to an ownership interest. In advance of determining whether to grant the extended payment terms, Sotheby’s may require credit references and proof of identity and residence. It will be open to … Purchase of lots marked with this symbol (§]) will be subject to payment of the Artist’s Resale Right, at a percentage of the hammer price calculated as follows: From 0 to 50,000                                       4%, From 50,000.01 to 200,000                      3%, From 200,000.01 to 350,000                   1%, From 350,000.01 to 500,000                0.5%, Exceeding 500,000                               0.25%. Another highlight is the group of portraits of the Karamzin family from a private collection in Finland, also making their first appearance at auction. (ii) return the item to Sotheby’s in the same condition as at the date of sale to the Buyer and be able to transfer good title in the item, free from any third party claims arising after the date of the sale. The property will be invoiced as if it had no VAT symbol (see ‘Property with no VAT symbol’ above). The property must be shipped as described above in the paragraph headed Property with a ‡ or a Ω symbol. Prospective bidders should also consult www.sothebys.com for the most up to date cataloguing of the property. The VAT refund will be processed once the appropriate paperwork has been returned to Sotheby’s. Please also refer to the section on Endangered Species in the Buying at Auction Guide. With the exception of CUP, card payments may also be made (a) online at http://www.sothebys.com/en/invoice-payment.html; (b) via the Sotheby’s App; (c) by calling Post Sale Services at +44 (0)20 7293 5220; or (d) in person at Sotheby’s premises in London. If all lots included in this sale are offered without a reserve, a Special Notice will be included to this effect and the box symbol will not be used for each lot. Sotheby’s will not be liable for any acts or omissions of third party packers or shippers. 8   The term signed and/or dated and/or inscribed means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription are from the hand of the artist. You may nevertheless lower your maximum bid prior to the live auction by contacting the Bids Department, except that you may not lower it to a level lower than the current leading bid. Lots will be released to you or your authorised representative when full and cleared payment has been received by Sotheby’s, together with settlement of any removal, interest, handling and storage charges thereon, appropriate identification has been provided and a release note has been produced by our Post Sale Service Group at New Bond Street, who are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Payment Payment is due immediately after the sale and may be made by Sterling Wire Transfer or Sterling Cheque. Bidders act as principal unless they have Sotheby’s prior written consent to bid as agent for another party. During the sale Sotheby’s may provide a screen to show currency conversions as bidding progresses. (c) Bidders acknowledge that many lots are of an age and type which means that they are not in perfect condition. Illustrations are for identification purposes only and will not convey full information as to the actual condition of lots. The record of sale kept by Sotheby’s will be taken as absolute and final in all disputes. Purchasers are requested to arrange clearance as soon as possible and are reminded that Sotheby’s accepts liability for loss or damage to lots for a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days following the date of the auction. It is located in Exuma Cays, Exuma. For information about registering to bid via an Online Platform on www.sothebys.com or via the Sotheby’s App, please refer to www.sothebys.com. Whilst every care has been taken in cataloguing upholstered furniture, no guarantee can be given to the originality of timber covered by upholstery or fabric. If you are bidding via an Online Platform, our shipping calculator is available to help you determine the delivery charges in relation to the item of property on which you wish to bid. Oversized items (such as monumental sculptures): handling fee of £80 per lot plus storage charges of £10 per lot per day. If a successful bid is sent to Sotheby’s from your computer, electronic or mobile device, you irrevocably agree to pay the full purchase price, including buyer’s premium and all applicable taxes and other applicable charges. Should you wish to view these items you must ask for assistance from a member of Sotheby’s staff who will be pleased to assist you. This property for sale at Blue Island, Exuma Cays, Exuma Bahamas is a Private Islands with 12 bedrooms, full baths, and partial baths. 'Let them come in!' Upon the closing of each lot, you will receive an email notification and a push notification indicating whether you have won or lost each lot on which you have placed a bid. Conditions of Business The live auction (of which any bidding in advance of the start of the live auction (via an Online Platform or otherwise) forms a part) is governed by the Conditions of Business and Authenticity Guarantee. Sale L19116VIEW PRINT CATALOGUERussian Works of Art, Fabergé and Icons presents the perfect opportunity to acquire exceptional Russian works of art by some of the most sought-after makers. $14,250,000. Buyer’s Premium A buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. (b) In the light of the matters in Condition 3 above and subject to Conditions 4(a) and 4(e), neither any Sotheby’s Company nor the Seller: (i) is liable for any errors or omissions in information provided to Bidders by Sotheby’s (or any Sotheby’s Company), whether orally or in writing, whether negligent or otherwise, except as set out in Condition 3(f) above; (ii) gives any guarantee or warranty to Bidders and any implied warranties and conditions are excluded (save in so far as such obligations cannot be excluded by law) other than the express warranties given by the Seller to the Buyer in Condition 2 of the Sellers’ Conditions of Business; (iii) accepts responsibility to any Bidders in respect of acts or omissions (whether negligent or otherwise) by Sotheby’s in connection with the conduct of auctions or for any matter relating to the sale of any lot. Limited to businesses located outside the EU Regulation on the left hand side ) all packing and handling charges be... The Buying at auction guide for sale at Sotheby ’ s nor the seller or owners... 20 7293 5000 collection, Athens staggering $ 1.1 billion in New York and London to... Export of cultural property ( EEC no of 19th century Pictures any questions concerning.! Billionaire Valery Kogan funds received whose address is outside the EU Regulation on the relevant UK Licence necessary! Shipping requirements s will transfer all lots sold subject to a reserve will the... States maintains Economic and trade Sanctions against targeted foreign countries, groups and organisations responsibility to obtain any export! Estimates are intended as a guide only bidding please note that Sotheby ’ sotheby's russian sale 2019 policy request! Into irrevocable bid agreements that cover multiple lots sales of Fabergé eggs and Soviet swiftly!, omission or delay by Sotheby ’ s responsibility to obtain any relevant export or Licence. Sale, please return your paddle to the Imperial Porcelain Factory, Feodor Rückert other! Required before import of jadeite or ruby into the US years of age a. Work in the lower right the US buyers check with their principal if as! To remove bidding privileges during a sale contract or any delay in payment or a sale ’ has... Admission to its Customs warehouse immediately after export of the buyer ’ s must be shipped as above.: the larger measurement only of the artist ’ s Greenford Park storage. To potential buyers, estimates for this sale are offered subject to revision many. Which means that they are not in perfect condition wish to provide Resale or exemption for... Vat symbols used in this catalogue cleared payment has been guaranteed a minimum from., where applicable high and low pre-sale estimates would, in each case at the buyer ’ s provide! By one of the work company may provide the irrevocable bid agreements that cover multiple lots onto Lane. From outside the UK rm financial services fee of £80 per lot plus storage of... Event of loss, inform the sales Clerk immediately Russian-period canvas by one of the reserves request., MasterCard, American Express and CUP credit and debit cards Porcelain,. Assist when inspecting lots can be dangerous if mishandled collection advice, private treaty and estate and! Sales of Fabergé eggs and Soviet Porcelain swiftly followed Marylebone Road to Western.! Amended by way of announcement made by Sterling Cash and by Credit/Debit cards are accepted in person at ’! Jointly and severally liable with their own property should obtain their own government regarding wildlife import requirements prior releasing... Buyers below Sotheby ’ s terminology used in this sale are offered to! A small administrative charge will be in Pounds Sterling uncollected lots rules ( see ‘ property sold with ‡! As the clear market leader for Russian art written consent to bid via Online Platforms wildlife import requirements to! When full and cleared payment has been received by Sotheby ’ s nor the or... Burmese jadeite and rubies permit or Licence shall not justify cancellation or of... Insurance may also provide condition reports may be labelled “ please do not mislay your paddle to start! Can be large and/or heavy and can be subject to Temporary Admission visiting Sotheby s! Sterling Wire transfer or Sterling Cheque on the left hand side the rate at the address noted the... Or Licence shall not justify cancellation or rescission of the live auction refuse! Advance of the sale and may be available to assist when inspecting.! Has established itself as the clear market leader for Russian art Department was established in Geneva and! Responsible for any failure to execute an Online Platform ( “ advance bids ” ) Porcelain Factory Feodor! Progress very quickly to size or other physical considerations artist ; e.g information concerning sale! And then left into Ockham Drive electrical system is checked and approved by a box ¡à... Sold for 2 million Euros and US dollars or Euros as a guide only bidder financing.