Thus, it leads us to self-despair. Here’s What to Expect. Jesus challenges people to “repent, and believe the gospel.” In between, Jesus proclaims “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is near.” That core announcement — “It’s time, and God is breaking into the world” — … Nothing can be achieved by talking about sin and salvation where this preliminary lesson has not in some measure been learned. Explore And what a perfect opportunity! THE GOSPEL TRACT. We must know what it means to call God Creator before we can grasp what it means to speak of Him as Redeemer. 4. Still today, the Lord calls us to spread his message. Are you fed up with yourself? Can Our Prayers Change God’s Will? Here’s a summary of the gospel to help you understand it and enjoy it and share it! Two points need to be made about the declaring of this part of the message: (i) We must not present the Person of Christ apart from His saving work. "Let Brotherly Love Continue," by Louis Garbi; "Election Year," by Rick Sparks; "Influence," by Tom Allen. The gospel is a message about God. Watch closely: I’m sending my preacher ahead of you; He’ll make the road smooth for you. In Christianity, the gospel, or the Good News, is the news of the imminent coming of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15).. How could someone so wicked change and God receive him so willingly? I go on to urge you to comply with the gospel message, by a few MOTIVES AND ARGUMENTS. All who hear the gospel are summoned by God to repent and believe. He accepted Manasseh even before worship was restored. And in 1 John 3:23 we read: “This is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ...”. Isaiah knew that he was an unfit messenger. A snapshot in time, a moment of weakness, or a careless word can permanently change our view of someone. The gospel is a message about God. You do not find such statements in the sermons of, for instance, George Whitefield or Charles Spurgeon. Few among the kings of Israel or Judah are described as having such an evil character as Manasseh. By promising two returns, the doctrine of “the Rapture” promises people a second chance—another seven years, according to LaHaye, another three and a half years, according to others—but a second chance all the same. It is not conviction of sin just to feel miserable about yourself, your failures, and your inadequacy to meet life’s demands. It is a normal thing for those whom God chooses to feel as though they are not worthy of this calling. It tells us who He is, what His character is, what His standards are, and what He requires of us, His creatures. It is true that it is the living Christ Who saves and that a theory of the atonement, however orthodox, is no substitute. Aspiration, and resolution, and morality, and religiosity,[15] are no substitutes for faith...If there is to be faith, however, there must be a foundation of knowledge: a man must know of Christ, and of His cross, and of His promises before saving faith becomes a possibility for him. The object of saving faith is thus not, strictly speaking, the atonement, but the Lord Jesus Christ, Who made atonement. Throughout the ages, God has called many messengers to speak to those who are near and to those who are far off. 1. When preaching to Jews, as at Pisidian Antioch, he did not need to mention the fact that men were God’s creatures. Response and result - its as simple as that. TGM is edited by Wade Stanley and published by Doug Twaddell, Evangelists of the Church of Christ. For the very idea of sin in the Bible is of an offence against God that disrupts a man’s relationship with God. These truths are the foundation of theistic religion; and until they are grasped, the rest of the gospel message will seem neither cogent nor relevant. But such a message could hardly be called the gospel. However, God received him back favorably. Today, however, when the average person hears the word “gospel,” he thinks of a more modern definition. It is indeed true that the real Christ, the Christ of the Bible, Who [reveals] Himself to us as a Savior from sin and an Advocate with God, does in fact give peace, and joy, and moral strength, and the privilege of His own friendship to those who trust Him. In a word, the evangelistic message is the gospel of Christ and Him crucified, the message of man’s sin and God’s grace, of human guilt and divine forgiveness, of new birth and new life through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The gospel is a message about God. The gospel is a bold message, and we are not ashamed of proclaiming it. Make the road smooth and straight! The gospel has been defined by many people in many ways. The gospel message is a message of hope – “the hope of the gospel” (Colossians 1:23). That’s why the message of the ‘Jesus Seminar’ movement is so destructive. But the Christ who is depicted and desired merely to make the lot of life’s casualties easier by supplying them with aids and comforts is not the real Christ, but a misrepresented and misconceived Christ—in effect, an imaginary Christ. Many years ago, during the Dark Ages, they were confronted with a different issue — NEI, or Not Enough Information. Manasseh’s repentance is a bit jarring. “Through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins” (Act 10:43). Equally, repentance is more than just sorrow for the past; repentance is a change of mind and heart, a new life of denying self and serving the Savior as King in self’s place…Two further points need to be made also: (i) The demand is for faith as well as repentance. “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message…” Colossians 4:3 Pray for boldness and clarity as you share the gospel. Prepare for God’s arrival! A fifth message which I have got from God to you is, that you set your hearts and your house in order, for you must die and not live. Christ's counsel is sorely needed, and what He says can profit every one of us. http://www.crownrights.orgFilmed at the Sermon Index conference, Paul Washer sat down and explained in wonderful detail the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And that finality is why it’s so important to be aware of the errors of the doctrine we’ve been examining. “God...made the world...seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; And hath made...all nations...that they should seek the Lord” (Act 17:24-27). Why Reading the Bible From Start to Finish is a Life-Changing New Year’s Resolution, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self And How the Church Can Respond, False History of Creationism Is Full of Beans, God Transcendent And Other Selected Sermons (eBook), Why We Should Pray Like the Puritans (Even if We Don’t Sound Like Them), Hope for a Suffering World: Divine Impassibility, Encouragement for Hard Times from Saints of Old, John B. Calhoun’s Mouse Utopia Experiment and Reflections on the Welfare State, A Christian Case for the Importance of History, What Christians Misunderstand About Discernment, The Development of the Doctrine of Infant Salvation, Heaven: Rejoicing in Future Glory (Series). This is My Comfort in My Affliction - Psalm 119:50. It is essentially God’s rescue plan of redemption for those who will trust in His divine Son in order to be reconciled to a just and holy God. (ii) The demand is for repentance as well as faith...If there is to be repentance, however, there must, again, be a foundation of knowledge...More than once, Christ deliberately called attention to the radical break with the past that repentance involves. What we have to grasp, then, is that the bad conscience of the natural man is not at all the same thing as conviction of sin. If We Say that We Have No Sin, We Deceive Ourselves, The Difference Between Legal & Gospel Mortification. We must be on our guard, therefore, against equating a natural bad conscience and sense of wretchedness with spiritual conviction of sin and so omitting in our evangelism to impress upon sinners the basic truth about their condition—namely, that their sin has alienated them from God and exposed them to His condemnation, and hostility, and wrath, so that their first need is for a restored relationship with Him... 3. It needs to be said that faith is not a mere optimistic feeling, any more than repentance is a mere regretful or remorseful feeling. TGM is edited by Wade Stanley and published by Doug Twaddell, Evangelists of the Church of Christ. The repentance that Christ requires of His people consists in a settled refusal to set any limit to the claims that He may make on their lives...He had no interest in gathering vast crowds of professed adherents who would melt away as soon as they found out what following Him actually demanded of them. Thunder in the desert! 1) God created us for his glory. He could take this knowledge for granted, for his hearers had the Old Testament faith behind them. 2. Nor can you make sense of His life until you know about the atonement—that He lived as man so that He might die as man for men, and that His passion, His judicial murder was really His saving action of bearing away the world’s sins. God Forgave My Sins. If Not, Why Pray? The question of the designed extent of the atonement does not come into the story at all...The fact is that the New Testament never calls on any man to repent on the ground that Christ died specifically and particularly for him. We can learn again from Paul at this point. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines “gospel” as “a good or joyful message,” and relates it to the life of Christ and salvation. No action we do can be worthy of God’s mercy (Psalm 51:16). That’s the gospel. It shows us ourselves as God sees us and teaches us to think of ourselves as God thinks of us. Many people think that the Gospel message is limited to the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel is not, “Believe that Christ died for everybody’s sins, and therefore for yours,” any more than it is, “Believe that Christ died only for certain people’s sins, and so perhaps not for yours”...We have no business to ask them to put faith in any view of the extent of the atonement. It is a saving message, the only thing that can truly reform the human heart. It is a powerful message, because it is God’s good news. (ii) But there is a second and complementary point: we must not present the saving work of Christ apart from His Person. When this remark is made, however, what is usually being suggested is that doctrinal instruction is dispensable in evangelistic preaching, and that all the evangelist need do is paint a vivid word-picture of the man of Galilee who went about doing good, and then assure his hearers that this Jesus is still alive to help them in their troubles. Why Do I Need to Keep Asking for Forgiveness? “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (Joh 3:16). Though sin is committed by man, and many sins are against society, sin cannot be defined in terms of either man or society. It is sometimes said that it is the presentation of Christ’s Person, rather than of doctrines about Him, that draws sinners to His feet. 1. Nor would it be saving faith if a man in that condition called on the Lord Jesus Christ just to soothe him, and cheer him up, and make him feel confident again. We do not know enough, we are not eloquent enough. You Can’t Outgrow the Gospel. It is a message of faith, love and hope which impacts every aspect of life, death and eternity. There is no other Gospel other We are dedicated to helping you understand the things which constitute the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It tells us that the reason why we sin continually is that we are sinners by nature, and that nothing we do or try to do for ourselves can put us right or bring us back into God’s favor. The Gospel preached by Christ and the Apostles, had reference to the Kingdom of God. psychiatrist...To be convicted of sin means not just to feel that one is an all-round flop, but to realize that one has offended God, and flouted His authority, and defied Him, and gone against Him, and put oneself in the wrong with Him. But now, my point is that, even if a man thinks that this statement would be true if he made it, it is not a thing that he ever needs to say or ever has reason to say when preaching the gospel. The Gospel Message Radio Ministry - Home The Gospel Message Radio is an international Low German and English Radio Ministry. It would, in reality, be a mere conundrum, serving only to mystify...the truth is that you cannot make sense of the historic figure of Jesus until you know about the Incarnation—that this Jesus was in fact God the Son, made man to save sinners according to His Father’s eternal purpose. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to the gospel. “Pray also for me, that whenever I may speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:19 Others say the gospel is that God sent His Son to die for our sins. In some cases the truth was locked away so that the information that people needed was not readily available to them. It tells us that we owe our very existence to Him; that for good or ill, we are always in His hands and under His eye; and that He made us to worship and serve Him, to show forth His praise and to live for His glory. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved,” said Paul (Act 16:31). True salvation is freedom from the requirement of keeping any part of the Law to get or maintain salvation. But when preaching to Gentiles, who knew nothing of the Old Testament, Paul had to go further back and start from the beginning. “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also (i.e., put them all decisively second in his esteem), he cannot be my disciple...whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple” (Luk 14:26, 33). What the New Testament calls for is faith in (en) or into (eis) or upon (epi) Christ Himself—the placing of our trust in the living Savior Who died for sins. verses None of us are good enough to get into heaven by our own good works. Catechism: God, infinitely perfect and blessed in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness freely created man to make him share in his own blessed life. John the Baptizer - The good news of Jesus Christ—the Message!—begins here, following to the letter the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. God could see the changed heart. People think they're preaching the gospel to you when they tell you, 'you can have a purpose to your life', or that 'you can have meaning to your life', or that 'you can have a personal relationship with Jesus.' And this also is a necessary step. EeZee Conceptz Global has released the much anticipated debut album for Gospel music minister GUC titled “The Message.” The 12-track album contains previously released materials and dominantly new ones such as “Heaven at Last,” “God is Helping Us,” “Akanam-Nkwe,” and more. When asked by His hearers what they should do in order to “work the works of God,” our Lord replied, “This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent” (Joh 6:29). '” We need to remember that while the gospel is a message of life, it is first a piercing message. Repentance and faith are rendered matters of duty by God’s direct command, and hence impenitence and unbelief are singled out in the New Testament as most grievous sins. Why Did the World Want Jesus Dead Even Though He Was Innocent? However, medication and therapy are not the ONLY resources that we have. There is a pitfall here. Gospel Message. God loves you and has a plan for you. Since 1960, The Gospel Message has endeavored to preach the truth of Jesus Christ. The real gospel message is that salvation is by grace through faith (Rom. A leading scholar in this group, Marcus Borg, denies the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, and many other non-negotiables of the Christian faith. Such is the evangelistic message that we are sent to make known. It is here with the assertion of man’s complete and constant dependence on his Creator that the Christian story starts. The gospel is a message about Christ—Christ, the Son of God incarnate; Christ, the Lamb of God, dying for sin; Christ, the risen Lord; Christ, the perfect Savior. Our job is to point them to the living Christ, and summon them to trust in Him...This brings us to the final ingredient in the gospel message. It is a Divine political dominion to be established on earth, on the ruins of all existing governments, for the purpose of bringing the world into subjection to God that it might be the recipients of the blessing of Almighty God. The Gospel describes Jesus’ message as the gospel. Answer: The word gospel means “good news,” which is the message of forgiveness for sin through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. This is the most important message that you will ever need to hear. And the gospel is received by faith; salvation is the gift of God (Ephesians 2:8–9). The Gospel message is to believe in Christ, and to love others. Repentance begins in the heart and flows from there into action. in … The essential content of this saving message is clearly laid out for us in the Bible. Evangelistic preachers and personal workers have sometimes been known to make this mistake. Nowhere in the New Testament is the call to believe expressed in such terms. What has to be said about the cross when preaching the gospel is simply that Christ’s death is the ground on which Christ’s forgiveness is given. Paul considered himself to have been called to be an apostle to preach the Gospel of God. There is no greater message to be heard than that which we call the gospel. In our own presentation of Christ’s gospel, therefore, we need to lay a similar stress on the cost of following Christ, and make sinners face it soberly before we urge them to respond to the message of free forgiveness. The gospel starts by teaching us that we, as creatures, are absolutely dependent on God, and that He, as Creator, has an absolute claim on us. Are you satisfied? Only when we have learned this can we see what sin is, and only when we see what sin is can we understand the good news of salvation from sin. In this we are not alone. 6:23) – not faith and something you do like baptism or faith and speaking in tongues or faith and going to a Oneness church, etc. A Piercing Message. “Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Rev 22:17). This very question was asked by a jailer in Philippi almost two thousand years ago (Acts 16:30). “Come unto me...and I will give you rest,” said our Lord (Mat 11:28). © 2018 Monergism by CPR Foundation. What is the GOSPEL Journey message? Jesus did make it possible for men and women to be forgiven of their sins, and this is the center of the good news. I feel that we see these same issues in regards to Christianity. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel message. Gospel message. His return may be sudden, but it will not be secret. However, God’s plan of salvation began shortly after Adam and Eve rebelled against Him, if … Excerpt From Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God  by J. I. Packer. But as important as that is, it is often given to massive distortions or over simplifications. Our desire is: "That every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!" For nothing less than this is faith. “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me...whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it” (Mat 16:24-25). Nor should we be preaching the gospel (though we might imagine we were) if all that we did was to present Christ in terms of a man’s felt wants: “Are you happy? 5. (Genesis 1-2) In these two chapters God creates all of the universe and everything in it (Genesis 1:1), including the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. Welcome to the True Gospel Message Web site. What are YOU doing about YOUR eternal salvation? Jesus is coming back. For the persons to whom the benefits of Christ’s death belong are just those who trust His Person and believe, not upon His saving death simply, but upon Him, the living Savior. It will be visible to all, audible to all, and its accompanying judgment will be final for all. Not until we have learned our need to get right with God and our inability to do so by any effort of our own can we come to know the Christ Who saves from sin. Do you feel that you have failed? So, when the Athenians asked him to explain what his talk of Jesus and the resurrection was all about, he spoke to them first of God the Creator and what He made man for. Christmas is a holiday that focuses on the Savior of the world. For sin is not a social concept; it is a theological concept. THE BASIC GOSPEL - SALVATION MESSAGE (Dear friend, please read through this message below very slowly and carefully. It concerns the Gospel of your salvation according to the criptures (S 1 Cor 15:3). It tells us who He is, what His character is, what His standards are, and what He requires of us, His creatures. G od created us to be with Him. There are days and times when we feel unfit for this calling. The ‘Sexual Rights’ Movement Is Gaining Power Globally. Take some time to explore some of the core aspects of the gospel – it is the “power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). The gospel is a summons to faith and repentance. All Rights Reserved, Joel R Beeke, Dr Michael S Horton, Richard B Gaffin Jr, Greg Gilbert, Comfort in Remembering God's Judgments of Old in the Midst of Trial, An Encouragement to be Valiant in a Time of Persecution and Martyrdom, If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, Rethinking Regeneration (5-Part MP3 Series). Do you want peace of mind? God is waiting for the heart of man to turn humbly toward him. Dan Rhodes is pastor of the Christian Community Church, 233 N. Sandhill Blvd. Then come to Christ; He will meet your every need”—as if the Lord Jesus Christ were to be thought of as a fairy godmother or a super-. And this is all that has to be said. And where there is no clear knowledge, and hence no realistic recognition of the real claims that Christ makes, there can be no repentance, and therefore no salvation. I do not propose to discuss this question now; I have done that elsewhere. The word gospel means “good news” and is explained by the following six key truths of the GOSPEL Journey. Authentic Biblical Justice, The Works of B. It is a universal message, for Jews and Gentiles both. You ever wonder “What must I do to be saved?” it is the most important question anyone can ask. No one. To most people the Holy Bible is … Vs37; “Now when they heard this, they were pierced to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, ‘Brethren, what shall we do? Time is limited: Benefit from Bible understanding. Who wants to be known for who they were in their worst moments? Are You Ready For Wolf Attacks? Unless we see our shortcomings in the light of the Law and holiness of God, we do not see them as sin at all. Faith and repentance are both acts, and acts of the whole is essentially the casting and resting of oneself and one’s confidence on the promises of mercy which Christ has given to sinners, and on the Christ Who gave those promises. "Just believe on the name of Jesus, and you'll be saved" is a common message of professing Christian ministers and Sunday morning "gospel programs." The purpose of Christmas is to share this gift. With these universal commands, as we indicated above, go universal promises of salvation to all who obey them. Everyone has a bad conscience about some things in his past, matters in which he has fallen short of the standard that he set for himself or that was expected of him by others. And if we taught people to look to an imaginary Christ, we should have no grounds for expecting that they would find a real salvation. So, You Want To Downplay Doctrine? The gospel message is about the greatest gift of all time—God gave us Jesus Christ, his Son, who brings great joy to everyone who receives him. “God...commandeth all men every where to repent,” Paul told the Athenians (Act 17:30). He knows that people are worriers, back then and even more so today. What I mean is this: it is obvious that if a preacher thought that the statement, “Christ died for every one of you,” made to any congregation, would be unverifiable and probably not true, he would take care not to make it in his gospel preaching. Home Gospel Tracts Holiday Tracts Photos About / Contact The Good News of the Gospel. The Good News / Gospel Message Please don't forget to Rate it, Share it and Write a Comment. The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for the sins of the world when he was crucified on the cross.