12. That is also a bad idea. Joan The problem is, however, that whenever one needs access to the plumbing a hole must be cut into the wall, a hole that will need to be repaired when you are done. Check the directions for your access panel to see how latex paint should be applied. The low profile shower trays look nice but this is the problem with them ie acess to the waste pipe, personally i would cut out a hole in the garage plasterboard ceiling to investigate then replace with a ply panel painted the same as the ceiling. The first thing you need to do is have two vertical studs on each side of where your access panel will be. You could do 1x6 stiles and rails, and panel the centers with beadboard. … He said since there is no rear access to the plumbing, he would have to cut around the faucet to replace it. Curbless showers provide easy access to the shower without having to step over the typical 6-inch curb found in most shower stalls. x 13-5/8 in. Now, your only access to the valve may be through the small wall opening that is exposed when the valve's cover plate is removed. In a bathroom, an access panel is the no-demolition route to the back of faucets, the drain for a bathtub, and the mixing valve of a shower. Build the configuration of your choice with one of the following combinations: a 2-wall corner shower (1 back wall + 1 side wall), a 3-wall alcove shower (1 back wall + 2 side walls) or a tub shower (1 back wall + 2 side walls). Great site! The easiest way to conceal the pipework for a shower or indeed for a toilet, towel rail, basin, radiator or any other appliance you want to use in the bathroom, is to build a false wall in front of the existing wall and hide the pipes behind it. Bathroom shower panels are a great alternative to individual tiles, offering style and practicality at a fraction of the cost and fuss. The seat must be mounted between 17 and 19 inches above the shower floor and be located on the wall opposite the shower control features. Since my tub/shower is in good shape I wanted to replace just the fixtures since the shiny brass finish has deteriorated. Don't forget you will need to find a registered electrician for the job, as well as a plumber. In fact, wheelchairs can roll right into a curbless shower stall. The shower head must be detachable and mounted to a hose at least 60 inches long. I needed to provide access to the bathtub "wet wall" plumbing during a recent renovation. Whether measuring a shower or a shower/bathtub combination, measure the width by running a tape measure or a laser measuring device from side to side. If door is higher you need to remove the inline panels and change the setting blocks to lift up the panel s to match the door. This involves regular clipping of the pipes to the framing as moving pipes do make a lot of noise. My suspicion is what I have read on here is that the support underneath has given away. Our ceiling panels are 100% recyclable but they also have one extra trick up their sleeve – they can be removed and re-used somewhere else. Most of the indoor access panels are not a good option for this. Glass thickness When selecting any shower enclosure, panel or door at Victoria Plum, you’ll find the glass thickness is included in the product name, so you immediately know the type of glass it contains. You can even purchase an entire walk in shower pack from us, providing you with everything you need to create a cool, contemporary walk in shower. Replace a shower valve with no access panel. Measure in two places: at the top and at the bottom. I plan to purchase a new tub and enclosure and use the existing drain and install new shower head and faucet. This means you’d need two side panels to the enclosure, as well as a door panel … I have not even seen an access panel in the wall for over 50 years, and since many tubs/showers have another one on the opposite side of the wall, you could not install an access anyway. Nonetheless, thanks to modern building materials you can now install a plumbing access panel … I need to install an access door for my shower. The access panel has to be in the shower I am building. The shower tray is an absolutely essential part of your shower enclosure, and unless you are building a wet room, you need one in order to use your shower.