It can be a long story about my wedding in Bali, but anyway, cut it short….My husband and I decided to get married in Bali in around Sep 2009 and that’s when I took my first visit to Chee’s wedding. We are both the type of laid back type of person, we love the sun and beaches so much. We always hate the traditional type or the Taiwan style wedding photos, they are really like the “cut & paste” type of wedding photos without showing the real characters of the couples. All the photos by Chee’s Wedding are so sweet and natural. You can really tell how loving the couples are. Also Peggy can always tell me the stories behind those pictures. After visiting Chee’s wedding, one thing that cannot get out of my head is one of the photo where the couples are standing at the middle of a infinity swimming pool. It looks awesome and I immediately said “ I want to take one of these pictures “. The second thing that makes me picked Chee’s is their One Price policy. Very reasonable price andI don’t need to worry how much I need to pay after taking the photos. With this fixed price, I can get all my high RES photos back, unlike some other shops with just Low resolution files or need to buy back pictures with a premium price.Thanks Peggy and her team for their patient to explain where we can take pictures and give us ideas on the routing. Also it is nice to take pre-wedding photos together with another two friends’ couples in Bali (the day before and the day after). We went to Bali in May 2010 for our pre-wedding and wedding. Although it has been 7 months already, but we still look at our pre-wedding pictures by Chee’s wedding from time to time. I love the photos where we took at the centre of the swimming pool in Alila Ubud. We love the photos where we took at Bali Museum, Rice Terrance and Tanah lot. We love our pictures sooo much~~~~~ We simply love everything by Chee’s, The photo snapshot crystal frame and the sunset photo at Tanah Lot in the big canvas are our favourite. The big canvas really looks like a very nice painting where you will never feel sick of it (as you may get sick of your romantic wedding picture in 10 years time). Thank you again for all the lovely photos and memories.


We had our first visit and meeting with Peggy on February 2011 and confirmed to join Chee’s wedding for Risonare’ s pre-wedding photos taking package right after the visit (without a second of hesitation). After a few months later, we decided to further join the wedding package and have our wedding ceremony, marriage registration and the pre-wedding photo shot all taken in Japan.Around one month after we confirmed the pre-wedding package, there was a disastrous earthquake in the north east region in Japan, Peggy at once sent us email to report for the situation, and she had also emailed us to update the situation in Japan in the next few weeks after the earthquake. We had concerned about the situation in Japan and had even planned for changing the location for our pre-wedding trip, and Peggy is so patient to explain and advise us the choice we could make and allowed us to change the venue of the pre-wedding photos taking in case we request. We truly feel that she concerns about what customers need and always put customers’ needs at first priority.We finally decided to stick to our original plan and went to Risonare for taking pictures and held a wedding ceremony there on October 2011. During the few months’ time before our wedding, Peggy and her team had made good arrangement on different aspects such as gown and make-up trial, hotel accommodation arrange for our family, to prepare list for our wedding etc, they had helped to reduce our workload and let us better prepare for our wedding.Thanks to detailed arrangement by Peggy and her team in both Hong Kong and Risonare, we had a wonderful trip and all pictures taken were sweet and natural. The rundown for the whole wedding ceremony and photo taking is so perfect, even though the ceremony and photo taking were done on the same day, we do not feel it is tight and rush. We do enjoy a lot during the planning, the wedding day and the photos selection process.Until present, we are still attracted by the pictures taken in that beautiful Zone Leaf Chapel, and all the precious moment during our trip.Thanks again to all outstanding professionals in Chee’s wedding for giving us this memorable wedding. We will highly recommend Chee’s wedding to our friends and relatives.


We would like to thank Chee’s Wedding for keeping our happy moments in the pre-wedding photos in Bali. Being the first time of going to Bali and to take pre-wedding photos, Peggy & her team provided us lots of good suggestions and sample photos for choosing venues which we like, and the planning of holiday trip there even after the shooting! The photographers Sony and his colleagues are helpful & professional. Their great assistance in teaching us to make different poses are appreciated as both of us are idiots on this! Lots of friends like our photos very much & I will refer Chee’s Wedding to my friends for sure


As we were told to be the first couple shooting in Thalassa Shima, we were a little bit worried while waiting for the shuttle bus to the hotel. However, all these feelings went away once we met with Hamada, who was the organizer of the event. We even received a little welcome gift when we entered our hotel room, we were truly a VIP haha.During the photo shooting day, what we could only say is that Hamada’s team was really professional, kind and very caring to us. They guild us through the shooting process with lots of patience which made our pre-wedding perfect. There’s one very impressive thing about the crew which really worths sharing. As the weather was not cold enough at that period of time, so the place we planned ahead to shoot red leaves was still greenish. Without our request, Hamada drove us together with his team to look around and see if we could find any random red leaves. Luckily, after 2 hours of driving, we found a place uphill with quite a lot of red leaves and finally we were done shooting with them. You couldn’t imagine how magical the moment was. Even though everybody was exhausted after the long trip, we still could feel their happiness upon fulfilling our needs. Nevertheless, we spent too much time in that evening so we missed shooting in the temple and the Japanese traditional streets. Upon seeing our disappointing faces, Hamada decided to sacrifice his own time and use his own equipments to help us do photo shooting on the next day! This is unbelievable, a service that you can only have with Chees Wedding.I really want to take this opportunity to thank Peggy and Hamada once again, you guys really have made our pre-wedding super super special! Thanks!!!!


We had a wonderful experience for having our wedding ceremony in the Stone Church. We do appreciate and thanks for the hard work for Chee’s team and Hotel Bleston Court’s team to making our trip so wonderful.I would like to take this opportunity to thanks for Peggy and Yuki helping me to choose my gown. I’m so surprise that they did ask for details on what kinds of gown that I like and they did look for it for me. Now, my gown is just perfect to the Stone Church.Before we travelled to Karuizawa, we were so worry the sakura has not blossom yet as Karuizawa were still quite cold at that moment. However, our worry has gone when we met with Yuki, our organizer from Hotel Bleston Court. We were so impressed when she told us she had site visit the place that we were going to have photo shoot with sakura on her day off (the day before our big day). She told us that sakura in that place had not yet blossom and she immediately looked for another place to recommend us. Finally, we got our pictures with 100% blossom sakura.Yuki and Hotel Bleston Court’s team did impressed us a lot for planning our trip. Let me make it short here to summarise their excellent services. When we arrived the hotel, we just need to throw all wedding related stuffs to them, everything were well prepared in next day. More than that, they offered us with free coupon for enjoying hot spring before the day of our big day for relaxing. Besides, they have arranged a staff who can speak Putonghua to guidance our relatives in our big day. And, Yuki had followed us for whole day to take care of us attentively. We do appreciate the hard work of Hotel Bleston Court’s team.


多謝Chee’s Wedding帶給我們一個不能再好的旅程!

Yolanda & Benjamin

超級多謝Chee’s Wedding既安排令我地係日本同香港既婚禮都進行得好順利!!! 他們十分Professional, Service好到不得了!!! 去日本行禮既事完全唔使擔心, 出發前已經安排好哂. 雖然我地行禮影相個日打風, 但日本團隊表現專業, 照顧周到, 令我們既ceremony同影相可以如期進行, 影出來既相仲很有質素!!! 我地係香港擺酒日期緊迫, Chee’s Wedding Peggy Keith很幫忙, 好快就process完D相簿, 仲有Yuki係服裝上的幫忙, Really thanks!! 雖然日本既package已完成, 但Chee’s Wedding亦提供意見及服務, 幫左我地係香港擺酒好多, 令成件事都好順利!! Many Many Thanks to Chee’s Wedding !!

Iris & Raymond

好開心今次Chee’s Wedding擔任我們Overseas Wedding and Pre-Wedding, 我們初初都非常擔心, 因為身處外地, 但Chee’s Wedding同事向我講解清楚之後就非常安心, 就算我在外地遇到問題時你們也能立刻助我解決問題, 當回港後所有後期服務都十分好, 在此感謝你們!!特別感謝”Keith”他將我們的相簿排列, 非常精美!! 所以我也介紹了我哥哥來找你們當他的Pre-Wedding!!

Carlomen & Cheyan

我們於2010年11月逛婚展時認識Chee’s Wedding的, 第一眼已經被安籐忠雄設計的水之教堂深深吸引住, 所以, 我們決定到北海道拍攝屬於我們的Pre-Wedding相片。由於我們選擇於下雪季節進行拍攝, 起初我們真有點擔心拍攝會否順利進行, 幸好香港的Chee’s Wedding同事細心安排所有流程、婚紗及禮服等, 更於我們出發前提醒我們須留意的地方, 令我們放心出發。在日本北海道Tomamu渡期村的幾天, 過得非常開心、難忘。日本當地的接待員非常親切有禮, 表現亦很專業。在此, 想讚賞你們的服務, 令我們擁有一次相當難忘的日本Pre-Wedding之旅。我仲想多謝出發前細心為我們Pack好拍攝禮服、飾物的Yuki。回港後, 亦想多謝Keith幫我們整理精美的相簿及音樂DVD。如果有朋友結婚, 一定向他們推介你們的服務!Thank you so much to Chee’s Wedding Team ! ;)


Before the photo shooting, Chee’s Wedding provided considerable advice for us in choosing suitable attire and selecting different spot site so that the schedule for the photo shooting could be carried out efficiently. A valuable preparation list did really help reminding us to keep our best condition to enjoy the journey. After arriving Bali, the shooting crew was really nice and helpful. They could show their enthusiasm in providing us the best services. Other than photo shooting, they gave us many travelling tips in Bali so that our trip became more fantastic. For the post-photo shooting services such as photo selection and photo modification, Keith was very cooperative and gave us some opinions in accordance with his experience. We are absolutely highly satisfactory with the final products.