How soon a booking should be made?

Usually our wedding bookings received 9 months to 1 year and photo shot bookings 6 – 9 months ahead of the tentative schedule. We do not have this limitation and all is up to the booking status of date targeted and the venue chosen. But we do recommend it should be made no later than 6 months ahead of your scheduled date. For wedding itself, the number of guests you are going to invite and to what extent you wish to plan and arrange for your guests also count. According to our experience with thousands of couples we organized for their wedding/photo shot session, booking of 9 months to 1 year ahead would be a comfortable time frame to handle the works coming up.

Which place should I go for my pre-wedding photo / wedding ceremony?

This is indeed very personal subjected to one’s preference/constraints. But we will provide professional advice on what best to be selected according to personal preference on photo shot session, weather consideration of particular season, budget consideration and guests’ structure.
There is no ultimate place which is better than the rest but the most suitable place at particular season one should go for.

How many photos will be included in your package?

All the photos taken will be giving away in our package and Chee’s has a minimum number of photos guarantee with respect to each particular package. So there is no concern about extra charge of additional photos taken.

What are included in the packages?

It is clearly stated in each package responding to each specific location selected the items and price. Photographer, makeup artist, coordination and venue booking fee etc. are already included in the packages. Please refer to the specific package you aim for and check out with our customer service officer if there is any query.

How long does it take to have the albums ready for pick up?

The album will be ready usually 3 months after photo selection instruction received from our customers. Sometimes it may take longer for special request but usually it would not exceed 4 months time.

Any shipping charge for albums collection in areas other than the place it is booked?

This is basically free of shipping charge for album collected from the designated office where the booking made. If request is made for collection other than the designated office where the booking made, it will still be free of shipping charge if it is within mainland China, HK, Macau & Taiwan. Shipping charge will only be applied if such request is outside the above designated area.

Is there any country that the wedding is not acknowledged/admitted/recognized by your government?

According to the marriage ordinance of HKSAR, it has equivalent legal status as done in HKSAR as long as such marriage is subject to proper legal procedure and recognized by the country where the marriage is done.

In mainland China and Taiwan, basically it has the same legal status but may require few procedures to get it acknowledged. Please refer to appropriate department for details.

What documents are required for a legal wedding registration in overseas?

Different countries have different requirements. Please refer to the below for some basic documents required:
- Passport copies
- Birth certificate copies
- Certificate of no impediment / copy of decree absolute (if divorce) / copy of death certificate of ex-spouse (if widow)
- Other legal documents which may require in particular country

What is the digital size/format of the photos?

The photos will be in jpeg format and roughly around 1-4 mb of each, depending on how complicated each particular photo to be.

How do I get my tux/gown selection/trial done for the session/wedding?

It will all be done in the showroom where your booking made with. Everything will be completed before departure and worry free during your trip.

Do I need to contact your crew and start to do all the preparation work when I am down in the place where I select?

No. All the preparation works including route setting, tux/gown selection/fitting, venue preparation etc. are all done in the office where the booking is made. Several meetings and constant communication will get all the works done before departure. Just relax and enjoy your trip when you are down there. All your personal contact details (hotel and phone number) will be sent to our crew prior your arrival and they will contact you direct. But if you need any assistance in the place, you are also welcome to contact our crew direct there.

How many photo shooting locations will be covered in a day?

Basically 3 separate locations are allowed in a day but this is flexible and subjected to the weather and traffic condition on that particular day. Anything interesting and not on the plan along the way will also be taken if the time allows. And no extra charge will be applied.

How should I make the booking and payment?

Booking could be made in person or by email. But it will not become valid until a 50% non-refundable deposit is received in a timely manner (will specify in the service agreement of each showroom where the contract signed). Balance is required to settle 50 days prior the scheduled event date.
There is no ultimate place which is better than the rest but the most suitable place at particular season one should go for.