Scott and I had a WONDERFUL experience with Chee’s Wedding. Still remembering the very first day when we went to check out their store, Barbara and Peggy were very helpful in providing us with all the information and sample photos for our reference. We have since then very quickly decided that Chee’s Wedding is the store that will match all our criteria and greatly appreciated Peggy’s assistance and willingness to accommodate with our special requests.During the process in picking the dresses and locations, Barbara was very patient and resourceful in sharing with me her own personal experience. She was also very supportive by giving me constructive and honest feedbacks during the gown trials. With regards to the makeup/hairstyle, Jessica provided a lot of her professional opinion and was very caring to make sure I had the best-matching jewelry to take with me. In preparing for the trip, Barbara was very organized in sending out kind reminders and things to keep in mind when traveling.In Bali, the photography crew and makeup artists were very considerate and fun to be with. The poses were well thought out, the makeup/hairstyles were just the way I wanted and the photos turned out to be AMAZING. Due to the weather conditions (huge rainstorm), we could not finish all the shooting within the day we planned. We were so grateful that the crew decided to come back the following day to bring us to the remaining sceneries to finish the photo shootings when they lived super far from where we stayed. Also, they were so efficient in providing us with the soft copy of all our photos the very next day, before we headed to the airport.During the selection/editing/production process, Esther was very organized and understanding. She was patient in waiting for my selection form and efficient in coming back with edited photos and layouts for the albums. Esther was very considerate in making the changes that I requested and was very prompt in providing final drafts for production approvals. She was great with follow-ups to explain the changes she has made upon my request and timings for production process.We are extremely PLEASED with the photo albums, the portrait and the signage posters. Everything turned out just the way we want, if not BETTER. MANY THANKS to all the OUTSTANDING staff at Chee’s Wedding who helped and ensured that we had the best start to our new journey.


朋友RUBY(係PEGGY 既第一批客人) 的介紹下, 來到chee’s 公司, 第一秒就被葉形chapel 吸引, 可惜 最後因為 311地震而轉到bali 影pre-wedding, Esther 及 Peggy給了我們細心及專業的意見,禮服既簡潔又高雅,當地的化妝師都不錯,化了一個很自然亮麗的妝容,(初時仲驚 會唔會化到變左當地人, HAHA) 當地的攝影師十分有禮 非常專業

另外 我還在CHEES’join 了big date shooting, MAX團隊非常專業 當日家人 朋友都大讚非常 如當日揀在HK影pre-wedding我同bryan都相信 一定也會很美 多謝 為我們在西九留下美麗一刻


First, thx for all the hard work and arrangement for the pre-wedding, we had a wonderful trip. We would like to this opportunity to thank you Sanna and her team on the photo-shooting day, thank you for their professional work and attitude. Secondly, we would also like to thank you Peggy, Barbra, Stella, Mania and all the other staffs for all your prefect preparation and arrangement. We were very satisfied with all the edited photos, moreover, if you can also provide the raw data file of the photos would be even better.Overall we are very satisfied with your services and we would definitely recommend Chees wedding to our friends.


1. Very good arrangement on shooting date, photographers and makeup artist are very professional, although the weather is very hot, they the team keep us smiling for the whole day (GOOD JOB!!)

2. Very nice pictures & good make up (very natural).

3. After sales service =) very detail & staff are very patience. I know & really understand we are picky (GROOM ONLY) on the album layout; Esther was still very very very patience on facing this “difficult” customer.

On a whole, this Bali Bridal Shooting 2011 is a very memorial experience, my husband (Dicky) committed another Bridal pictures in another 3 years time (if I am still in a good condition). I will refer Chee’s Wedding to my friends & relatives.


Really thanks for providing us such wonderful services to keep our best memory in our life.Thank you for you great help!


日本係我超級喜愛的國家, 一直都想有一個白色的婚禮,如今我的夢想實現了!好多謝chee’s wedding幫我們擔任overseas wedding, 令我能實現一個白色婚禮場面,你們的服務及當地的工作人員都十分體貼地安排,令我們感到很窩心!特別多謝Peggy,你的經驗使我將一切都交予給你。Keith,你的相片安排鋪排得十分精美,好漂亮!日本follow同事非常體貼地安排一切,感受到他們的專業!十分感謝!


We would like to express biggest thank you to Peggy, Stella, Yuki, Keith and their team in giving us a perfect (say it out loud from a Chinese who general less expressive than Western) wedding trip at Bali. Same to any wedding preparation process there were surely some obstacles during the process but i think Chee’s not only showing they are the wedding advisor but someone who can talk sincerely and the can really stand from customer’s point of view to deal with issues, this is very important as this is a “heart” business, what Chee’s did is something that they can differentiate themselves from the other wedding consultants. Chee’s- please keep up the good work and I am sure that when you see us smile, you are smiling too.




安排好好,照顧客人的每個需要,包括客人想到或想不到的事情。~好體貼~Thank you for making us a perfect wedding!


多謝Chee’s 給我們這次難忘經驗!一般海外婚禮,很多人會選擇峇里、關島等地,但我們一見到日本輕井澤的「石之教堂」,就十分喜歡,那裡真的很美,教堂天然建築配上聖誕裝飾,是個很特別的結婚場地。感謝Chee’s 的安排,令我們可以在12年12月12日這特別日子行禮。其實在到日本之前,Chee’s 一直很友善,由選婚紗禮服、化妝首飾,到安排日本的接待人員,都詳盡解釋,悉心提點,不嫌麻煩;回到香港後安排的相簿製作,都令我們很滿意。另外日本的工作人員都很有禮貌和很專業,令我們這次旅程很安心。